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Grace Global exerts every effort to offer the best services to its customers and hand over a safe and clean environment to our next generation through constant technological innovation and research and development. With recycling as an integral aspect of our vision and policies, we have partnered with a genuine, responsible recycler recognized by the Basel Action Network (BAN) as an E-Steward — one of North America's most responsible recyclers. METECH with facilities located in Clearfield Utah, Gilroy California, Denver Colorado, Colorado Springs Colorado, Worcester Massachusetts, Omaha Nebraska, and Durham North Carolina. All actions are based on the promise to uphold BAN's pledge of true stewardship ensuring e-waste handled will not be exported to developing countries or disposed in a landfill or incinerator, and that all operations meets best practices, as well as ensuring that others involved in the recycling chain are meeting all applicable environmental standards. Our goal is to return 100% of the materials to the manufacturing process — NO landfilling, NO incineration, and NO exporting to third world countries or back to market as remarketed/refurbished goods. Currently, less the 5% of the materials from the recycling facilities are sent to landfills. It is our pledge to support our clients throughout the full life cycle of our products and that at the end-of-life stage, the products can easily returned to be responsibly managed through the recycle process.

i. THE type of Equipment, LAN Hardware and/or Peripherals for which takeback is available

Any Grace or non-Grace brands of personal/office computer equipment or peripherals are accepted through our Grace Global Recycling Service. This includes printers, scanners, fax machines, personal computers, desktop servers, monitors, handheld devices, etc. – along with their associated external components such as cables, mice, keyboards, etc. Larger computer equipment is also accepted.

Desktop Computers – Free - Call MeTech to Recycle
Laptop Computers - Free - Call MeTech to Recycle
Servers - Free - Call MeTech to Recycle
Monitors (LCD or CRT) - Free - Call MeTech to Recycle
Network Equipment - Free - Call MeTech to Recycle
Peripheral - Free - Call MeTech to Recycle


ii. TAKEBACK/Recycling Process

Purchasing entities who prefer to participate in Grace Global Take-Back and Recycling Program, please contact the Grace Global Recycling Service department by email or by calling 1-800-730-6350. Grace Global department representative will gathers all relevant details from the client such as:

Identity Check

· Purchasing Entity

· Equipment specifications

· Quantities

· Weight

· Location


· Arrange pickup and Shipment, (Transportation fees are included in The Grace Take-Back and Recycling Service)

Once items arrive at our facilities, materials are weighed, recorded and positioned for disassembly. During the disassembly process, the following are additional services that can be provided to the client:

· Serial Number Tracking

· Hard drive destruction with Certificate of Data Destruction

· On-site inspection of hard drive destruction

· Immediate processing of equipment

Equipment is manually disassembled by trained crews, who separate it into multiple streams of material. Once equipment has been disassembled, an Electronics Disposal Compliance Certificate (EDCC) is issued. Demanufactured materials are stored securely on site until sufficient volumes have accumulated for economic shipment to companies in the United States and other OECD countries that reprocess them into raw materials for use in the manufacturing of new products or to re-enter the market as refurbished items.

A small number of downstream business partners have been selected for reprocessing the material derived from the demanufacturing operations. Company representatives audit the operations and business practices of these companies to ensure they meet the outlined high operating and environmental standards.

iii. PROCESS for Data Sanitation

Our facilities securely store all data devices until they are physically destroyed in shredders. Other than physical destruction, there is NO secure way to permanently delete or remove data from data devices. A Certificates of Data Destruction is provided, guaranteeing the destruction of the device. If the client requires that they monitor the actual physical destruction of their data devices, they may bring the items to one of the facilities and actually monitor the process.

iv. COMPLIANCE with European Union’s WEEE Directive

Grace Global is continually working to manufacture products that meet the strict standards of the European Union's WEEE Directive. Design and production of Grace branded electronic equipment takes into account the dismantling and recovery of WEEE and its components and materials. Through our Recycling Service, all Grace branded systems are recycled responsibly and all materials containing bromine are treated separately at the end of life. By working to comply with these directives we are demonstrating our commitment to manufacture, reuse and recycle our products to help protect our environment.

Equipment Recycling Packaging Suggestions

Below are tips to ensure your equipment arrives safely and intact at the Grace designated recycling facility when using the Grace Global Recycling Service. These suggestions address general shipping items only, and do not take the place of any regulatory requirements that may apply.

Customers are required to provide their own shipping for the free recycling program of Grace branded items. Transportation can be provided with custom price quotes.

Packing Material

Select boxes that are sturdy enough to hold and protect the equipment you wish to ship. The boxes you choose should be in good condition and adequately sturdy. If you do not have an appropriate box, a packaging material retail center or packaging service center in your area should be able to assist you in identifying and supplying a suitable box.

Reminder: Some carriers restrict the size and weight of the completed package. A typical maximum size for each box is approximately 24" x 24" x 24" and the maximum weight total for each box is 150 pounds. CONSULT WITH YOUR CHOSEN CARRIER FOR SPECIFIC LIMITS.

Packing Tips

Remove all batteries from equipment and pack separately. 

When shipping a monitor, place it on its side, with cushioning materials between the glass and other objects. Apply labels or write on the package with a marker to indicate fragile contents. The monitor glass must be intact to recycle.

To prevent movement and damage, use adequate cushioning material under, between and around products.

Tape all seams of the box with durable, packaging tape. If you are using an old box, ensure that it is clean enough to allow tape to adhere.

To research regulatory requirements that may apply in your location, you may wish to contact your state or provincial environmental agency. Links to U.S. state environmental agencies may be found at Household / personal residences typically are subject to fewer requirements. For example, in some U.S. states, generators may be required to label computer hardware destined for recycling as universal waste, but households typically are exempt..

Grace Global Recycling Service – Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment can I recycle through this service?

Any Grace or non-Grace brands of personal/office computer equipment or peripherals are accepted. This includes printers, scanners, fax machines, personal computers, desktop servers, monitors, handheld devices, etc. – along with their associated external components such as cables, mice, keyboards, etc. Larger computer equipment is accepted through a custom quote email service at  

How much does it cost to recycle equipment?

The recycling of Grace branded and other equipment is at a minimal cost. Consumers are responsible for the shipping costs for sending equipment to Grace unless a custom quote is arranged through  Costs can range from $1 to $120 per item, depending upon the type and quantity of hardware to be returned. The actual cost of the recycling service will be calculated, including transportation and labor, and sent to you in a formal quote. See the pricing sheet for custom quotes to approximate your costs before requesting a quote.

What types of payment do you accept for this service?

We accept payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) and business customers can charge recycling services to their existing Grace Global account.

Is there a limit to how much I can send back using this service?

More than 5 items require a customized quote. There is no limit with the custom price quotes.

What happens to the equipment after I send it in?

All returned products go through a state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible, multi-phase recycling process. They're sent to a recycling facility and are reduced to raw materials that can be used to make new metal and plastic products.

Do I have to take my equipment somewhere or call someone to pick it up when using this service?

For the free recycling, consumers are required to handle the shipping of their used equipment, and need to make all arrangements with their carrier. Please see the service agreement for shipping recommendations. For custom price quotes, transportation can be included, for a fee, which will include pick up at the customer location.

How do I pack my equipment for shipment to Grace?

Customers are responsible for properly packaging and preparing their equipment for shipping. HP will work with customers to identify economical packing that will be manageable for receipt by HP. Small custom service orders will most likely follow the detailed packing suggestions. Large orders may simply be palletized and shrink-wrapped.

Does Grace provide boxes and packing materials for me to use?

No, customers are asked to provide their own packing supplies. Original packaging or used boxes are acceptable as long as they are adequate for the weight of the equipment you are sending. Details about box selection and use are provided in the packing suggestions.

What are the quantity, size and weight limits when using this service?

There is no quantity limit. For each individual box used, the maximum size is approximately 24" x 24" x 24" and the maximum weight is 150 pounds.

When using this service, what if I have a large shipment of equipment and would like to ship a pallet or trailer load?

Please contact Grace Global’s recycling service department by email or by calling 1-800-730-6350 for a customized quote,

What if I forget to remove my confidential data from a hard drive before shipping it?

Grace is not responsible for any data that is left on the hard drive. The customer should remove any data from the hard drive prior to shipment. All data containing device are shredded in the recycling process.

What if I accidentally ship the wrong equipment?

Equipment shipped by mistake cannot be recovered or returned. By using the service and surrendering your packed equipment to the transportation carrier, you relinquish any rights to the package and its contents.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions or need a customized quotes, please contact Grace Global’s recycling service department by email or by calling 1-800-730-6350.

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